and finally….

After weeks of sheer laziness and pestering my sister (who also happens to have two blog pages on this site, which I will mention later) to give me a head start to Word press… I’ve finally got myself my own blog and happily.. on my own 😉

As this happens to be my first post, I’ll keep it simple, to write a few things on myself, this blog, why am I here and what ( or who ) got me interested into blogging..

Well … about myself … nothing much to say … i guess most born introverts would say that frequently when asked to speak about themselves.. and I am no different.. I like the simple things in life and decided to share this on the blog…To wrap it in a few words I can possibly try to explain myself as a self confessed foodie, a traveler, an aviation buff and someone who loves to play “dress up ” in other words fashion  :D… so yes , this blog will be a way of sharing my passion for food, travel, aviation and trends… I do hope I can manage to write something daily… as the bloggers around me warned that this requires ” time, dedication and patience ” . Let’s see.

Lastly, I must mention that it took me one movie and two people to get me started into this… and I promised one of them that I would mention him when I begin writing. As far as the movie is concerned, this one happens to be written by one of my all time favorite screenwriters, Nora Ephron and the movie is “Julie & Julia ” . Yes of course, this movie must have been watched by all food lovers and I’ll confess embarrassingly that I watched this  a whole 3 years after its release. How could this possibly happen when I call myself a food lover. I still remember the night, (November 14, 2012 )  tired and sleepy I returned home late at night after dropping my parents at the airport. I could not stand the silence in the living room, I went on to check what movies were on the tv and there it was …Julie and Julia was up next 🙂 For the next two hours, forgetting my sleep and exhaustion I stayed glued to the television watching Meryl Streep play Julia Child to perfection. Truly inspiring.

 Starting a blog and sharing my passion for cooking like Julie Powell, was the first thought I had when the movie concluded and I’m sure many food bloggers will relate to this feeling.

Coincidentally 3 years back I also happened to be introduced online, through a mutual friend ( God bless the internet ) to someone who I must say changed me and many things in my life… Il not mention his name to respect his privacy but he will come up a number of times in this blog as he not only made me the person I am today but is more or less like a mentor to me. I will not take much time to explain what we share till today cause trying to write 3 years of some of the best memories in my life that I have shared with him, will be too long a post for starters.

While the stories of his childhood and his ‘ wont back down ‘  spirit to achieve what he is today ( a pilot by profession) always had me looking up to him like a child with amazement in my eyes, initially his ways of encouraging me to change my lifestyle ( read “hit the gym!!!” ) and become emotionally stronger dint go down my throat well cause of his habit of being brutally honest, I’ll admit today I stand a different person in front of  the people who know me. A much changed bolder, stronger and confident person and I’m glad I decided to move towards that change thanks to him. Better late than never. It wasn’t easy at first, he wasn’t just a friend I was introduced to online.. In no time i realized i was in love with him and every time he decided to slice my feelings with a line of his brutal honesty, I would break down like my world had ended, but then at some point or the other, someone must come in your life to change the way you are and he did… for my own good. And through all that, our common fondness for aviation, food and endless number of things helped us connect instantly in more ways than i can remember which ended up with endless chats and lesser hours of sleep. But all worth it.

 Today we remain best friends, and I still get amazed by his stories. He turned me into a foodie, and inspired me to begin writing blogs rather than writing long letters explaining my feelings to him ( which eventually I know, he may have never read completely) . Lol.

so that’s that… In this blog I hope to share our stories and things that he introduced me to and of course like I mentioned earlier the things I love. Soon I will also mention the food blog that my sister and I share and will be simultaneously posting recipes on both the pages. That’s all for tonight, I must sign out now as its dinner time at home..

Take care till then.



2 thoughts on “and finally….

  1. Hi! Your first post is lovely to say the least! When I say this, it will sound very cliched and patronising, but even I started to document my adventures in the kitchen after watching Julie and Julia! And, like you said, I am struggling to achieve regularity in post! I haven’t gotten around to checking out everything, but I have really liked some posts you have pinned here! Happy Blogging to you! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment…it brought me back to my first post that I haven’t really read after posting it and it does sound a bit embarrassingly honest…But it’s all about true feelings at the time. Plus it is quite amazing to have inspiration come in from anywhere and I am sure it’s common for many food bloggers to relate to the movie. Thanks once again for this visit, and Happy Blogging to you as well!

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