Chocolate Divinity

Chocolate Anniversary Cake

Chocolate Anniversary Cake

My parents have just celebrated their 34th Wedding Anniversary and we ordered a chocolate ganache cake in the shape of a gramophone player. Why this? Well, 34 years back when gadgets like mp3s and cd players dint exist, the gramophone happened to be an integral part of my parents ‘dating days’. Infact at one point of time the gramophone also happened to be my dad’s most priced possession till ofcourse my sister and I grew up and told him its high time he got updated with smaller gadgets 🙂

Nevertheless my parents relived the memories of their hush-hush dates and the love songs dad would woo my mom with. It was lovely to see their faces light up when my sis and I surprised them this morning with the cake and most importantly the picture on the cake taken on their wedding day just after the nuptials. (p.s they look way different 34 years later) .


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