Ending on a sweet note..

Ending on a sweet note..

Well its saturday and the weekend has just ended where I live.Strangely while in most parts of the world the weekend has just begun, We have a different situation here in the Middle East.:)
The Dubai Shopping Festival is on and every mall in the country has just turned into a shopping haven, be it the girl shopaholics or the electronic geeks… theres something for everyone . Its the best time of the year to spend that money you’ve been saving for that lovely top at the high end store or that gadget you’ve been waiting to buy for yourself. Everyone’s headed to the malls this month thanks to the crazy sales and massive discounts on EVERYTHING!! Every store in the mall had “SALE” and “FINAL REDUCTION” banners and this resulted in me running in and out of them for nearly 5 hours.

Anyhow 5 hours and 22 stores later we headed tired and hungry to TGI Friday’s for the weekend family dinner. Since we were pretty late for a heavy meal we decided to play safe(rather light) and have a regular grilled chicken platter. We finally settled on 2 servings of the “Tennesse Chicken & Shrimp Platter” which included two succulent chicken steaks grilled to perfection, drizzled with TGI’s special Tennesse sauce and a couple of crispy fried Cajun spiced prawns served with grilled veggies and an awesomely huge serving of mashed potatoes. 😀

However the dessert was the best part of the meal. We’ve always opted to end most steakhouse meals with a brownie sundae, and as a result have tried the same in several steakhouses around the city. But TGI’s had,by far the best brownie sundae in my opinion. The brownie was just “melt-in-the-mouth” perfect and the toasted almond flakes made it taste even more heavenly. One serving of this heavenly delight was the perfect way to close the weekend 🙂

For those whose weekend has just begun, have a great one!


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