The rainy weekend

Agreed, its been a long time since my last post.

After a long and eventful rainy weekend, I certainly have a lot of things for me to mention now.. The week passed as usual, normal chores, normal cooking and normal events.After a forecast prediction that this weekend would be rainy, the entire country (including us) made plans in advance to make the most of the rain showers. As the rain gods rarely make an appearance in this part of the world, everyone heads out to see the puddles on the roads, cars dripping in rain drops and children and adults alike walking in the rain to soak in every bit of joy rain brings to this land. Umbrellas are rarely seen even though the weather calls for it. In this country, people prefer to enjoy the rains while its there. Apart from that, its a typical thing for the people here to head out rather than stay in when it rains. Its a day when locals get out their best cars and best bikes and head to some posh area to show off their collection. Suddenly on public holidays and rainy days such as these, the marina gets converted into a road ramp that hosts some of the best looking cars and bikes that one might rarely see on any other day. From the ferraris to the customised range rovers and the beastly superbikes and shiny Harleys, they are all there!( Even while its pouring)
Coming back to the start of the weekend, my family had recently purchased the Entertainer UAE edition for some of the best restaurant deals and amusement park offers (this also includes a buy one and get one free ticket to The Ferrari World and the newly opened Yas Waterworld. Yea! Need I say more? )

This book is best recommended for the foodies out there looking for new places to eat and new food to try or for adventure junkies who wish to spend their weekend doing something different from the rest, yet without blowing a hole in the pocket. Purchased at Dhs 395 from leading local book stores, this may seem at a high price at first, but if your are someone who is willing to spend their weekends outdoor, you’ll realise that you would make up this Dhs 395 in no time. (Also calls for those who wish to take their beloved out on an impressive outing without later cribbing on the dinner bill) 😉

Come friday, and we were all set. Friday evening, after spending quite a while flipping through the pages to decide on a new dinning venue, lazy as we always are we headed to a nearby mall to try out the seafood eatery Jimmy’s Killer Prawns! As ardent sea food lovers we headed to our destination with a growing appetite for the prawns which were mentioned in the name itself that made our mouths water!

After reaching the casual diner, the looks from outside gave it a traditional steakhouse feel. The ambience was a little noisy, but bearable considering it was the weekend and the mall was packed with busy shoppers. The staff here is definitely worth a mention. They responded quickly,warmly and efficiently even through rush hour and a full house attendance. The manager of the diner was remarkably friendly and ensured he not only went around asking diners of their experience but also helped his staff by waiting the tables himself. He also took our orders, which included a 9 prawn and calamari platter for myself, while my sister opted for a line fish and prawn platter served with veggies and rice.

Prawn & Calamari Platter at Jimmy's Killer Prawns

Prawn & Calamari Platter at Jimmy’s Killer Prawns

In no time, our order was on the table, and boy those prawns were definitely worth the visit!
9 queen prawns lined in a row and succulent grilled calamari rings, I certainly enjoyed the meal. At the start I must admit I was a bit apprehensive considering I have had bad experiences before with grilled calamari. Either they were not cooked enough or too hard to even chew. This one however was just perfect! And served with 3 different sauces (mustard, lemon butter and tangy tomato salsa) this couldn’t get any better. Thanks to the entertainer voucher, we paid for just one platter while the other was free. We left Jimmy’s with a big smile and a good seafood experience to talk about 🙂

And then came rain.

Everyone welcomed saturday morning with the lovely sight of dark clouds and gusty winds. It was dull and cold and the feeling tempts you to stay in bed even longer. However, expecting that this would be one of the last “good weather weekends” of the season, my sister and I decided to make the most of it outdoors. First, we headed to our current favourite coffee spot, Tim Hortons to catch a light lunch and the much needed warm cup of coffee. On my sister’s recommendation as she’s a regular here (thanks to her office being located just opposite!) I tried the Chipotle Turkey Sandwich with multi grain brown bread and I settled with my usual latte.

Chipotle Turkey Sandwich at Tim Horton's

Chipotle Turkey Sandwich at Tim Horton’s

The warm sandwich, the warmer coffee and the rains made it a lunch to remember. By this time it was pouring outside and pedestrians were suddenly caught in a flash shower. While some ran for cover under buildings, those who were geared with hoodies, casually strolled like nothing was happening.

Post lunch, we headed towards the marina for a drive with our coffee in tow. Thinking many would not be heading there as there’s no cover in the rains,I drove along expecting a non stop drive. I was wrong. As we approached the marina, the traffic increased and we were in the middle of a jam. Though we lost hope in even getting a parking space for ourselves, we dint have any sign of disappointment on our faces. We are used to this. The jam was caused due to the ongoing ramp show that had been going on around us. There were those who had the best cars and bikes and were taking rounds of the marina over and over again, then there were those who like us headed there to spend time at the marina and were suddenly part of this car show. We were surrounded by the best cars ranging from the latest and loud ferraris and lamborghs to the superbikers who felt a rainy day was a good chance to show off their skills while kids and adults got out their cameras to capture a shot.

After spending time at the marina right upto 5 in the evening, I decided to take my sister to the newly opened Reem Island that was a 10 minute drive away from the city. Reem Island is a new man made island boasting of some of the best looking and posh residential complexes. The Sky Tower also includes a mini shopping complex below along with a number of coffee shops and exotic restaurants. And that’s where we headed to.

Sky Towers, Reem Island Abu Dhabi

Sky Towers, Reem Island Abu Dhabi

In a quiet corner of the complex, a french cafe Le Brioche is where we wanted to go. Though from the past two years we have been regulars here for the delectable french pastries, freshly baked bread and cafe food, the Reem Island branch was not visited by the both of us. My sister and I have always been fan of the Opera cake at Le Brioche. Couple of minutes after we were seated at the window seats watching the rain while french music played in the background, we felt we were already having a parisian deja vu. The Opera cake was just as expected, fresh and moist. The sweetest ending as always. 🙂

Well, this was all I needed to share about the weekend. I’m shamelessly late to say this, but I hope your weekend was just as beautiful as mine.


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