The Emperor’s Nonsense


A dessert with a story – Kaiserschmarrn, alternatively also called The Emperor’s Nonsense (I’m amused) 😀

I came across this dessert while watching a travel show on tv many months earlier. Just like any other dessert fan (specially in a country like Austria), the host spent several minutes decribing how light, delicious, easy and superbly quick this dessert was to prepare. She dint share the recipe on the show, but after hearing those words I quickly started my search online to know more about the dish and how it got its name as the Emperor’s Mess. Intrestingly, there are several stories, However Wikipedia stated that it was on request of the Austrian Emperess Elisabeth of Bavaria, of the House of Wittelsbach, that the royal chef prepared a dessert that would be light and not show on her waistline (apparently the obssession of size zero existed even back then). As soon as the dish arrived, her much annoyed husband the Emperor himself said ” lets see what nonsense the chef has prepared today ” And well the surprise climax to the story, he loved it so much that he even had his wife’s share. And so this awesomely easy dessert came into being.

This pancake like dessert is also great as a tea time snack or a breakfast option if made healthy with certain additions (and deductions to sweetness ). Im a morning person, but what irks me the most when I wake up is coming up with a different idea for breakfast. Its always been a part of me I guess. Even as a school going child, I would make a fuss about the breakfast being repeated and my poor mum had to make sure that my breakfast was not constant. This still worries me, so much so that the night before I have to wake up early, I spend time thinking in bed .. ” What about tommorrow’s breakfast? ” ( Quirky? I get it, we all are a little ..arent we? )

Thankfully I discovered this wonderful yet simple Austrian dessert. Heard several stories with regard to this country’s must try sweet dishes. Hopefully some day I get to visit and blog more about them. Till then here’s the recipe I have.


6 eggs
1 tbsp butter ( or oil )
200 gms flour
50 gms sugar
pinch of salt
10 – 12 raisins soaked in rum ( if you prepare this for breakfast, add fresh fruit bits)
1 tsp of vanilla essence

For Garnish:
Icing Sugar
Nutella ( my favourite )

1. Seperate the egg whites and yolks. In a clean bowl, Whisk egg yolks, milk, sugar and vanilla essence. Gradually fold in the flour.
2. Beat egg whites and a pinch of salt until peaks are formed. Add previous mixture to egg whites to make a smooth batter.
3. Heat a non stick pan and melt the butter.
4. Pour the batter onto the pan and swirl the pan so that the batter is even. Let it cook until golden brown on one side.
5. Turn the pancake and using the spoon cut the pancake into diamond shaped bits. At this point add rum soaked raisins. ( if you choose to add fruits, do so after pancake is fried )
6. Cook until golden brown and serve. Garnish with preffered toppings .

Tip: Fresh fruits and nuts would be a great addition.

Have a lovely weekend.

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