Mini Banana Pancakes

Mini Banana Pancakes

Mini Banana Pancakes

A common problem found in homes with banana eaters is , ” what must be done with the over ripe bananas?! ”

Im not a banana eater, although due to my low iron levels my mom literally forces a banana down my throat daily when actually its my dad who is the main and sole banana lover of the house. Its funny that sometimes he even steals my share of bananas kept aside for me by my mom, and I luckily manage to escape the fruit ( only for a while, till my mom figures it out )
Subsequently, bananas are part of the weekly grocery list and there is never a day when the house runs out of this. Sometimes my dad gets excited with the offers at the hypermarket and ends up buying extra for the week. End result? Over ripe bananas by the next weekend.

My mom would never waste the bananas, even if they are beyond normal over ripeness. And hence, pancakes are our household solution to overipe bananas. Although Im not someone who goes bananas over banana, I certainly love them in this form especially when just off the pan.

1 over ripe banana

1/2 cup wheat flour

3-4 spoons of sugar (depending on sweetness)

1/2 cup of milk

1 egg, beaten

Mash banana in a mixing bowl till semi liquid consistency.

In a seperate bowl, whisk egg, milk and sugar depending on the sweetness you prefer. Whisk together until sugar melts.

Add egg and milk mixture to banana and stir gently. Add flour in batches and stir continously.

Heat oil on a pan and fry pancakes till golden brown on each side.

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