For the love of all things …. Sweet

Love on a canvas

Love on a canvas

Hello all!

Its been so long! and I hope evryone is doing great. Work keeps me so tied up that I havent been able to read blogs since the past few weeks, forget about posting. There is so much to talk about and share on my blog, If only I had the time to do so. Huge amount of work at the office and my upcoming MBA exams, Im still trying to figure out why time flies so fast!
My cell phone is loaded with pictures of food and the recent engagment of one of my closest friends and the recent weekend trip to Dubai with my sister. All of which I plan to share within the next few days.

I promise.

Anyways, two weeks back on a shopping trip with my mom at a furniture store ( that I hated the idea of going to, initially) I came across this canvas (pictured above) and I could help but buy it for my room. Am I taking my love for food a bit to far ? atleast my mom thinks so! :p I couldnt wait to share this online although its not a recipe…

My purple painted walls of my room perfectly matched this and I cant wait to get to look out for more. I heard another store has a similar canvas of parisian macaroons. *sigh* Hope I get my hands on that one. Love the idea of having stunning pictures of desserts in the room ever since I laid my eyes on this one.

I’m in love.

2 thoughts on “For the love of all things …. Sweet

    • Thanks:D
      All is well,kind of hectic at work thts all..saw your post a few days ago, congratulations on your blog turning one!:D
      U inspire me and I’m sure a lot of other people too. Keep posting!

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