Some of my favourite things…

Trinkets for keeps <3

Trinkets for keeps ❤

Lazy day at work and a picture pending on my phone that I would like to share. I thought I might as well blog from the office B-)

Though it has nothing to do with food (thanks to lack of time to cook) I have decided to share other stuff on this blog as well with the hope of being able to publish something at least once in two days.. *sigh*

Among the recent things I have suddenly got a fetish for ( now that I am earning 😀 ) are these tiny accessories with roses. From the past couple of months these are a rage in the market, from high end "branded" accessory stores to the low range local department stores, everyone is into the tiny fancy trinkets with roses.

Last weekend my mom and I were on a shopping spree as the Dubai Summer Sales are on in full swing. Forever 21 was where Ive got most of the pieces from. The black and pink rose earrings were on sale for just ……..

Dhs 5 each!! and yes I'm talking about Forever 21 again!

Accessorize also has a number of pretty chains and rings with roses of different pastel shades. That was where my fetish began I guess. The pastel shade beige rose ring was among the first few things I purchased with my first salary. Absolutely love that one to go on any evening wear outfit. Though the sale is still on here for the summer, I still find this store a teeny bit more expensive.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, head to Koton. The accessories at this store are not just pretty, but surprisingly affordable too. The long chain with the white roses is from Koton 🙂

Il sign off at this point. Have a great weekend!


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