Birthday Blogging -Part 2 – Marble Cake@home

Vanilla Chocolate Marble Cake
Vanilla Chocolate Marble Cake


Last week, I came across a couple of bloggers who posted their own versions of Marble Cakes which I have been trying to make from a long long time. Finally having the time last weekend, I took to the kitchen and modified the Vanilla cupcakes recipe I posted earlier on my blog and converted it into a Marble version just by adding chocolate. Voila! that’s it!

But ofcourse, I have noticed many people add cocoa to the batter to make the marble effect, however I chose to add on real chocolate flavor to my cake.

Follow the same Vanilla cupcakes recipe ( and also :

For a 250 gms Cake, melt around 100 gms dark chocolate using the double boiler system. Once the chocolate melts, add 2 tablespoons of fresh cream to the mixture and stir gently till a smooth batter is formed. I do not know why I added cream exactly as its the same recipe for a Ganache topping. Anyway I took the risk and loved it. After adding cream the chocolate mixture turned smooth and rich. I simply added this to my vanilla cake mixture, in between the layers while pouring the batter into the baking trays.

The cake baked perfectly well, and the result of adding real chocolate instead of just cocoa powder? Well, the chocolate taste is much richer and satisfying I must say 😉


Simple and Easy… I still have to continue on my Shangri – La experience. Got to sign off from work at this point. ( Yea, I managed to get some free time away from the desk)



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  1. jevbert1234 says:

    Looks amazing! Great post!

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