Birthday Blogging – Part 3

Continuing  from where I stopped from Part 1, a scrumptious breakfast at Sofra Bld was followed by some lazing around at the hotel. My sister scheduled an appointment for herself at the Chi Spa and left shortly. I headed back to the room to catch up on the long list of free DVDs provided by the hotel to all its Horizon Club guests. Meanwhile also managed to take a few more shots of the view outside.

Pearls and Caviar Lounge - View

Pearls and Caviar Lounge – View


Like I mentioned earlier that the holy month of Ramadan is on at the moment, all restaurants remained closed except for Sofra Bld that served breakfast discretely. For lunch, all guests are requested to make arrangements by room service. Although a little more expensive than what you would spend at a restaurant, it was difficult to shortlist a dish we both could eat. Ranging from continental to Italian to indian and south Asian specialties. Finally after a lot of thinking we chose Nasi Goreng.

Room service - Nasi Goreng

Room service – Nasi Goreng

Thankfully we settled on one dish, the quantity was generous. So much that we had to pack a take out.

And soon we had just an hour to leave. Horizon Club guests have the advantage of a late check out at 4PM. Having missed high tea the previous day, we packed our stuff quickly and headed to the lounge for it. I have a particular fancy for high tea and I have always wanted to experience it. There’s something about mini cakes and savouries being brought to your table on a fancy stand. We never had such an experience but I was particularly excited. As always the lounge was quiet and the two of us were the only two guests there. We loved the attention we got from the staff 😉

After being welcomed by the staff we chose the same table in the corner of the lounge that was bright and luckily had some natural light coming in from the incredibly large windows. This lounge also has an outdoor seating area which must be lovely during the winter.


Horizon Club Lounge - Outdoor Seating

Horizon Club Lounge – Outdoor Seating


Horizon Club Lounge

Horizon Club Lounge


Shortly after we were seated, the staff served bought us our usual, the latte and skimmed cappuccino 🙂

And this is what followed. I’ll let the picture talk for itself 😉


Scones, Cakes and Mini Savouries - The High Tea@Horizon

Scones, Cakes and Mini Savouries – The High Tea@Horizon

From delicious salmon sandwiches, mini beef burgers and smoked turkey and cucumber sandwiches, to warm scones and the most tempting of them all, the chocolate praline tarts and sponge cakes. I was in heaven. My first high tea and I couldn’t stop staring at the arrangement like it was my last meal. And to make things better, one of the staff attending to us let us know that all items would be replaced…*sigh*. Ever since that day I have been spending time looking out for the next high tea experience in the city. Affordable of course.

High Tea

High Tea

And it was time to leave. We could go for another round of replacements as we were so full after lunch. Luckily we had space to taste a bit of everything. We were greeted by our butler as we left and thanked him for all the assistance. Hospitality was top notch but the only thing we missed was the casual feel to the hotel. At a certain point the luxurious settings of everything bored us. The hotel is not bad, but maybe my sister and I are not used to being in such a posh place. I would definitely recommend this hotel to those who like serenity and peace of mind away from the bustling life of the city. As for me and my sister, we prefer the casualness at Traders.

As a lovely memory of our stay, Shangri La room service left us two bookmarks on our bed, when the room was serviced shortly after we checked in the previous day. A short excerpt from the 1933 novel, Lost Horizon  by James Hilton from which Shangri La gets its name and inspiration.

Shangri La - From the Lost Horizon

Shangri La – From the Lost Horizon


Well, before I leave, a picture of my birthday cake at the office and much love to all those who made me feel a working day birthday is not so bad after all considering its my first.  😀

Birthday cake @ the office

Birthday cake @ the office

Till my next blog, much love and regards.












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