One Pot Chicken Rice

One pot chicken rice

One pot chicken rice

Well Well…

My parents are abroad on vacations and after days of being lazy and binging on home delivered food or take aways, here comes one of those days when I missed home food and couldn’t wait to get back to the kitchen. Since a little over three weeks now, my parents flew back home for the annual vacations leaving my sister and me home… alone 😀

One the great side, living alone feels great! on the other hand, handling a job, gym,assignments and the home chores left me with no breathing space. I haven’t had the time to even make lunch on certain days and my breakfast is just leftovers from the previous night. Terrible I know. So there came one night after work I decided I need to head back in the kitchen and cook! and it felt good. I couldn’t wait to divert my mind from job pressures. My kitchen is the only place I can seek solace it seems. And there’s no better way to make a comeback in the kitchen but with some soulful chicken rice. Well before I begin, I picked this recipe from Australian chef Donna Hay. Famous for keeping things simple in the kitchen, I love her approach to food and her idea of keeping it quick, simple, easy and stunning.

I managed to catch up on some episodes of her ” Fast, Fresh and Simple” series which featured recipes that are shockingly easy. Here is the recipe to the Chinese One pot chicken rice. Perfect for a weeknight schedule and light on the stomach 🙂

3 cups chicken stock

6 wide slices of ginger

4 cloves of garlic

1 long green chilli chopped

1 1/2 cups jasmine rice (although I used plain long grain)

4 x 125 gm chicken thighs

4 green onions

1 cup cilantro, freshly chopped

soy sauce(optional)

1. Place chicken stock in the wide bottomed pan and place over heat. Drop chopped garlic and ginger slices. After a while add chopped chili to the stock and bring it to a simmer.

2. Add rice and chicken and let it boil together till cooked. Add salt depending on your requirement.

3. Once rice and chicken are cooked, sprinkle soy sauce. Garnish with freshly chopped green onions and coriander leaves.

and that’s all it takes.

Coming up,

The big 30! my sister’s 30th birthday lunch and our experience at the majestic Ritz-Carton, Abu Dhabi 🙂

Until then, much love!


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