Birthday Brunch @ Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi - Image courtesy:

Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi – Image courtesy:

Long Long ago I mentioned about my sister’s big 30 Birthday. And today finally I got some spare time to blog on it. With pictures accumulating on my phone’s gallery I thought it was high time.

With my parents out of the country , we thought it was the best time to continue our hotel scouting and with no better excuse than my sister’s big birthday we made up a plan. Her birthday coincidentally also fell on a Friday which is the first day of the weekend here, and we decided to plan a whole day’s outing. First up, we chose to head out for brunch. With no parents at home, weekend mornings begin post 12pm for us, and today was nothing different.

After waking up at 12, we freshened up and hastily headed towards the Dusit Thani, Abu Dhabi which is thankfully just 2 minutes away from our home. Down the street and in the next block. We were glad we had planned our day’s itinerary much in advance otherwise most of the time on the road goes in arguing “where next?” and with me being the one that drives, I hate answering that question.

Ten minutes later we entered the complex. Dusit Thani for those who don’t know is a Thai group of hotels and Thai hospitality needs no explanation. After a warm greeting by our valet attendant, we were welcomed into the hotel promptly and guided to the hotel’s restaurant, Urban Kitchen.

Urban Kitchen - Dusit Thani

Urban Kitchen – Dusit Thani

If any one had to ask me about Abu dhabi’s best kept secret, I think this would be it. Dusit Thani does not have many visitors like most of the other hotels in the city on a Friday afternoon but our experience here was unforgettable.

Dusit Thani - Interior

Dusit Thani – Interior

Perhaps one of the very few restaurants in Abu Dhabi that stick to the literal meaning of Brunch, and by that I mean keeping a separate breakfast corner for those who have just woke up … like us.

Breakfast Counter - Urban Kitchen

Breakfast Counter – Urban Kitchen

But the list of counters was just never ending. After being guided to our table we took a short round the restaurant to check out the counters and we lost count in our head. The walk lasted longer than 5 minutes, beginning from breakfast, the healthy counter for the calorie conscious people (yes a brunch finally for them), the dim sum counter, the main course counter, the live station for grills and pan fries, the kiddies counter, the sushi counter (losing breath) and and and my very favorite the long desert section. Infact for those with a passion for everything sweet, walking into this restaurant is a delight! as the very first counter upon entering Urban Kitchen is the desserts. In my opinion there’s no better way to lure people in 😉

Moving on, since I was late for breakfast and eventually skipped it at home, my first stop was at the breakfast station for warm waffles and croissants. My sister headed towards the soup and salads. Ooh yes, forgot to mention that earlier.

Il let the pictures do the talking.

Healthy Counter  @ the Brunch

Healthy Counter @ the Brunch

The healthy counter was not much visited but keeping one such counter does make a difference, and I am sure calorie freaks would be certainly happy. I am not one among them, and my only reason to stop at this counter was the array of fresh juices and fruits. Keeping in mind that Thailand is famous for its fruits, the display included fruits specially exported from the country.

Salad Bar @ Urban Kitchen

Salad Bar @ Urban Kitchen

Sushi Counter

Sushi Counter

A special mention to the chef at the sushi counter, who gave me a short briefing on the types of sushi while I went to click that picture. 🙂

Desserts was such a delight. From local sweets like baklava, to indian ladoos and delicate mousses and lavishly beautiful cakes. As a person with a sweet tooth I can go on and on with the desserts display. More than anything else, I spent my time hovering around the desserts counter over and over again, clicking pictures of the desserts from any angle.

Cream Caramel

Cream Caramel

Desserts Display @ Urban Kitchen

Desserts Display @ Urban Kitchen

We were surprised to see Indian sweets as part of the display. Not many hotels offer this as part of their buffets in the city.

Indian Sweets @ Urban Kitchen

Indian Sweets @ Urban Kitchen

For local flavor, there was baklava, dates and biscuits with various stuffings and the very tasty warm dessert, Umm Ali was definitely worth a mention.

Arabic Sweets

Arabic Sweets

Choices of cakes, definitely one of the best I have seen lately in buffets around the city.

More desserts.......

More desserts…….

Handmade Chocolate Display

Handmade Chocolate Display

Tarts for desserts

Tarts for desserts

At last, one of the counters also included a rice display of the hotel’s name, which could not be missed.

Dusit Thani rice display

Dusit Thani rice display

Our brunch ended a whole 3 hours later or so, and left with many memories for sure. We cant wait for our parents to experience the same soon. For the best brunch in the city that is worth every penny, I would definitely say Dusit Thani’s Urban Kitchen hands down! Nothing beats the array of dishes, the choice of counters and the warm hospitality of the staff which made this experience more warmer than we expected. And since it was my sister’s birthday, a lovely attendant also treated her to free coffee (perks I tell you….)

The birthday outing continued and it just gets better. From Dusit Thani we headed next to the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi. That and much more In the next blog post however. I must sign off for now.

With much love,


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