The birthday brunch… continued – The Ritz Carlton – Abu Dhabi

And shamelessly I am back. After a trip to Thailand and a few hectic weeks at work, I decided to stay home this weekend just to make time to return to the blog. And I completely forgot that I had to continue sharing my sister’s big 30 birthday experience.

After a “worth-every-penny” lunch at the Dusit Thani, we decided to end the birthday with a stop at the newly opened Ritz Carlton. This world famous hotel chain opened its doors to Abu Dhabi a few months ago and we just needed an excuse to stop by. Since the planning for my sister’s birthday began a few days in advance, I had been scouting for places online. A very known fact that the two of us love hanging out at the Shangri La Abu Dhabi, from a long time we had been seeing The Ritz Carlton being built on the other side of the canal. Slowly and steady the majestic structure rose over the months. From the looks of it and the name we all knew it was not going to be one of those places we could frequently eat at from time to time. But we being the foodies we are, did not give up.. specially me always looking for new places to visit.

Ritz Carlton. I had to be there. Where to we go for a simple coffee?…. or perhaps some few pastries…. or maybe a light casual diner…. All these questions popped up in my head. I needed a quick excuse to enter this place. And boom! After a few searches online, Dolce came up. This casual ambience gelato place popped up. After discovering the menu online, we also noted they have cakes and coffee on the menu. Double delight indeed.

Dolce@ The Ritz

Dolce@ The Ritz

My sister also decided to order ourselves a birthday cake. The chocoholic that she is, she went ahead for a milk chocolate flavoured cake for 4 persons. That was our excuse # 2 to stop by!

The Birthday Cake - Dolce @ the Ritz

The Birthday Cake – Dolce @ the Ritz

Dolce is the best place to visit specially if you are looking for an affordable reason to visit the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi. The menu consists of a variety of home made gelatos, freshly brewed coffees and freshly baked pastries that will have you drooling in minutes. If this is not enough, the smells of the freshly out of the waffle machine cones will definitely make you weak.

Surprise Birthday Cake on the house!

Surprise Birthday Cake on the house!

When the staff came to know that it was my sister’s birthday, they gave her a slice on the house. Complete with a candle to blow and small verse of the happy birthday song sung by the staff there. I settled for a coffee, after all the desserts we had at the brunch earlier.

Coffee @ Dolce

Coffee @ Dolce

All in all, a wonderful place. Good ambience – check. Good Music – check. Warm staff – check. Great Menu – check. After collecting her cake, we walked around the majestic complex.

Lobby area - Ritz Carlton

Lobby area – Ritz Carlton

To be frank, this hotel is stunningly beautiful only during the day.

Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton

With an entrance this majestic, the hotel has to be much more. Hopefully someday we will be here for a stay over during the weekend.

Entrance to the Ritz

Entrance to the Ritz

My next blog… My trip to Thailand. The dreamer travels 🙂

Till then, much love like always. Have a nice weekend.


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