@Random: Tim hortons & The expo 2020 win!


Uae had two reasons to celebrate last weekend in grand style.

The Uae celebrated its 42nd National day on December 2…and thankfully everyone had a long weekend break..

Im sure everyone by now knows that Dubai was chosen as the host city for the World Expo 2020! Crowds burst into cheers on the streets of the city while fireworks lit the skies just minutes after the winning city was announced… It is a huge deal for the country and its local people. The streets were filled with cheering crowds and car parades… More like a scene from a festive carnival… Seeing the city in this mood is an experience in itself. Buildings had huge posters congratulating the city and almost every lamp post on the streets had messages of the win..
Expo 2020 was everywhere. To make the celebrations even sweeter, Baskin robbins ice cream stores gave away free ice cream to walk in customers.

And so did Tim hortons! They even personalised the donuts…


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