Marzipan trees


Just a few days until christmas day, and everyone at home running around completing different chores!
In between everything, me with my university books preparing for my exam scheduled for tommorow. *sigh* i hate studying in this season, so glad thats it the last time i will be writing exams in december. Anyway, back to us at home, another christmas favourite prepared just last night….Marzipan. Now while everyone uses this on cake toppings, in our family we prepare them in christmas design moulds. Bringing out everyone’s creative best, this easy sweet dish is fun to prepare and eye catching on christmas day when all our sweets are on display…Fun, easy to make and awesomely pretty, this one is dedicated to all those who would pinch the marzipan off the cake when no one is looking. (I used to be one of them)

400 gms icing sugar
150 gms cashew nut (ground into powder)
100 gms almond powder
1 tsp almond essence
Sugar syrup
Food colour

Mix together icing sugar and the powders of cashew nut and almond in a large mixing bowl. Add sugar syrup, spoon by spoon till the dough is formed and is moist enough to shape into different forms. Add almond essence in between. This gives the dough a rich almond flavour.

Mould the dough constantly to keep it moist. Divide dough into smaller portions. Add food colour to each portion and mould gradually. Use coloured dough and form into desired shapes.



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