Bangkok memories … Revisited.

Off late Bangkok has been in the news for the wrong reasons. The ongoing worsening crisis of the city has got me worried. I did hope I would be able to make another trip this year as well. In a way,Bangkok has now been added to one of those cities I wouldn’t think twice to visit again. If anyone did ask me if I would like to stop by Bangkok again, I will scream yes in a split second. I do hope the situation improves for the better soon.

I do not know what went into me today during my lunch break at work. I stood in the pantry browsing through all the pictures I have saved and at one time promised to share on my blog. But knowing the lousy blogger I am ( and my lack of time with innumerable excuses) I thought to myself why not comeback with another blog on my trip. I did share some part of my trip in an earlier post, but there is a lot more. Ofcourse I did not plan to cover a 10 day trip to Thailand in just one post. I haven’t even started on my trip to Pattaya yet!

So starting off from where I left last, My stay at the Novotel Platinum, Bangkok. Our stop in Bangkok was for 3 days, before we headed to the city of Pattaya. Bangkok has something for everyone, and those who have visited this city will know. From the foodies to the shopaholics, to the night life lovers and the tech geeks. Since I come under the shopaholic and foodie zone, my gallery seems to be filled with the dishes we tried around the city.

Seafood…………. Glorious Seafood.

Seafood Platter  @ MBK Mall

Seafood Platter @ MBK Mall

You couldn’t possibly leave Thailand without having a seafood platter. This country certainly boasts of its seafood and whether its a local eatery around the corner, or a swanky upscale restaurant, seafood in this country sells like hot cakes! During our shopping trip at the MBK Centre, we decided to try out a seafood platter complete with grilled squids and the specialty of the restaurant .. ” river bred fresh prawns “.

Even street vendors at night make a booming business just by selling char grilled seafood. Don’t judge by the looks of it. This vendor had a long line of waiting customers

Char grilled food street dinners

Char grilled food street dinners

And there was of course the lovely food that was served at the Club Lounge of the Novotel Platinium, Bangkok. Great food and superb views of the city as the sun sets. Special mention to the array of cakes served in the evenings along with light snacks, finger foods and drinks on the house.

Snacks @ Club Lounge

Snacks @ Club Lounge

Opera Cake and Chocolate Chip Cheescake - Novotel Club Lounge

Opera Cake and Chocolate Chip Cheescake – Novotel Club Lounge

Dessert Counter

Dessert Counter

The Club Lounge also came with stunning views of Bangkok.

Sunset over Bangkok

Sunset over Bangkok

Club Lounge @ Novotel

Club Lounge @ Novotel

I still have to share my experience at yet another happening city of Thailand.

Pattaya and …

Our day with the tigers.

Till then, have a lovely week ahead.


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