@Random: The Cafe – Park Hyatt, Saadiyat Island


And we all love surprises dont we.

Situated at what seems to be the last point on the Saadiyat Beach, is a hidden gem of a hotel that also turned out to be our random selection of The Entertainer book one friday afternoon for a family lunch.

The Cafe at the Park Hyatt came as a surprise to us from all aspects. I had chosen this place for a usual ‘ lets-try-some place -new ‘ outings with no pre notions. I had not even had the slightest idea about the hotel’s location to be honest.

Overlooking the pool area with an outdoor seating area and an open view kitchen and so many other factors, make it impossible for me to narrow it down to ” the best part “. Quick service, warm staff, generous portions of fantastic food, the bright ambience and a great selection of music that plays faintly in the background will definetly make you come back on another visit. Menu wise, the selection varies from middle eastern specialities to south asian and the best of steaks and seafood suiting cravings of all sorts.

Our selection included batter fried fish and  chips, the ever popular Nasi goreng and to end the visit on a sweet note, a portion of Tiramisu.

Best visited during lunch for its stunning view overlooking the bright blue sea off Saadiyat Island.


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