Mangiamo!! – Let’s Eat @ Russo’s New York Pizzeria – Abu Dhabi

Dining for Two @ Russo's New York Pizzeria

Dining for Two @ Russo’s New York Pizzeria

A few years ago when the Al Wadha Mall opened a block away from our home, it was the city’s next big thing. Crowds thronged the mall like it was the city’s best yet and hailing a cab on the weekends almost seemed impossible. A couple of years passed and the hype dropped. One thing my city really lacks being one of the top metros of the Middle East is the shortage of malls and soon many were bored of this one too. However, in my opinion Al Wahda has made a comeback.
It revived itself by the opening of its extension just about a year and a half ago. Providing premium options for shopping and dining by including top high street fashion brands and a dedicated’Gourmet Republic’ dining area featuring local and international franchises that were never seen in Abu Dhabi.

Yesterday was another one of our usual weekends to dine at a new place and we were at Russo’s New York Pizzeria for a late night weekend dinner. Set up by the Russo family after moving to New York way back in 1978, what made us choose Russo’s was new specials added to the menu that was dispalyed outside and the casual ambiance of the pizzeria. Typically casual like most American franchise diners here, and we had already judged the food here by the fact that on a weekend night, there were no seats available when we arrived.

A few minutes later, we were escorted towards a table for two. The menu comprises of Chef Russo’s specialty pizzas, calzones, salads, Italian starters like the calamari and of course desserts. Just like its restaurant ambiance, the menu is kept simple and ingredients are fresh as ever.

Our order began with an order of Calamari for starters and a Chicken Rustica Extra Thin Crust Pizza. Simple, fresh, and yet abundant in flavor. Its been a while since I have had a pizza this tasty. Feta Cheese lovers will sure love to choose this one.

Russo's - Abu Dhabi

Russo’s – Abu Dhabi

Superbly quick service and an open kitchen with the pizza masters working their magic with each order. Our dinner for two costed just AED 100.

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