Seven Kitchens @ The Palladium Hotel – Mumbai

Buffet @ The Palladium Hotel - Seven Kitchens

Buffet @ The Palladium Hotel – Seven Kitchens

My recent trip to Mumbai with my sister was not only an annual vacation spot for the two of us but also part of the “wedding venue” hunt that my sister and I are involved in for her much awaited and highly anticipated wedding.

Yes. Its time. While friends and family gear up for another wedding in the family, my sister and I are gearing up in full mode to decide venues, schedules, outfits and so on… As for me, I am in Maid of honor mode B-)

Coming back to Mumbai, our foodie nature took over during a town side visit scouting for possible reception venues when we stumbled upon or rather chose to visit the Palladium Hotel at Lower Parel, Mumbai. Connected to the Palladium Mall and formerly known as The Shangri La Mumbai, Palladium stands out as the perfect city area hotel with stunning views of the upcoming Mumbai skyline. As Shangri La patrons in the UAE and regular visitors of the Shangri La restaurants here, we are familiar with the ambience, class of service and even the smells of the lobby and reception area which is particularly different. Surprisingly, though the name may have changed, everything inside stays Shangri La. The ambience, the smells, the furniture and the warmth of the staff.

Lunch time and we were getting hungry. We headed to the much welcoming “Seven Kitchens” on the 19th floor. As soon as we entered we were guided by the hostess around the multiple live stations at the restaurant, serving the best of Asian specialties from dim sum to sushi to grilled seafood and gourmet like desserts.

We had not heard about the restaurant or read any reviews of the same, but our judgement was entirely based on the desserts. Quickly taking a round of the dessert counter complete with an Ice cream station to a showcase full of cakes that looked so pretty, you feel bad to even touch forget eat, my sister said “yes, we will go ahead for the buffet”

Starters included the best of Indian kebabs, spring rolls and dim sums. A special dedicated counter to sushi and delicately prepared salads served gourmet style with seafood and various other meats. I have taken a picture of some of my favorites above. Starting clock wise, the Tiramisu with rum, Opera cake and a mocha cake ( I couldn’t be happier), warm and fresh waffles at a dedicated station, seating at the Seven Kitchens and finally another favorite of the day, Grilled Calamari from the Fresh Grills Station.

Costing 1650 Rupees per person, the standards of service, the choice of food and the stunning views of the Mumbai skyline will make your meal worth every penny.

Have a great weekend.


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