Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone a delightful Easter! Much love.. Xo

Condensed Milk Cake

Come coffee time and we at home ( at least my sister and I ) are always scrambling around for something to munch on while we chit chat over our warm cup of coffee. With my sister being home, the three of us ( including my dear mom) catch up on some girl time to…

Returning to Russo’s Pizzeria

There are very few restaurants I can say that deserve a second post on my blog, and I am certainly happy to have found the first. Russo’s New York Pizzeria truly deserves this one. Russo’s had me dining there again, a couple of weekends ago ( that is how long this post has been pending)….

@Random: Bonding over Ham Sandwiches

It was a typical lazy girl’s night in over the weekend here, I had been to a close friend’s place shortly after the demise of her father, who was loved by all and someone I personally adored for his sense of humor and his habit of keeping everyone smiling around him. I have known her…

Baked Chocolate Donuts

Following my stint with Baked Donuts last weekend, the chocoholic in me had me making a second batch of baked chocolate donuts. How could I miss a chocolate version of these delights. Using the same recipe of the classic vanilla donuts, to make the chocolate version of these you will need cocoa powder and brown…