@Random: Bonding over Ham Sandwiches

It was a typical lazy girl’s night in over the weekend here, I had been to a close friend’s place shortly after the demise of her father, who was loved by all and someone I personally adored for his sense of humor and his habit of keeping everyone smiling around him.

I have known her family since high school, and this post is just not only cause I think the very first sandwiches prepared by her deserved a space on my blog ( even though I absolutely loved them) but also as a tribute to her father who fondly said the last time I saw him, ” stop by every weekend for a peg or two”. I wish I had taken that invitation seriously. Even through this difficult phase, shes the same – all smiles and strong. In the home though, silence prolongs.

We spoke about his last days and his funeral back home. It felt like a just another visit, but what made this one different was that I noticed she spent a lot of time in the kitchen. I have known her since high school, and I have not been habituated to seeing her in the kitchen preparing food for herself and this time her fiance. Nevertheless, while I begged her to sit and talk to me, she prepared these delightful sandwiches. Simplicity has always impressed me, but these were just great. Warm toasted slices of bread with a filling of crisp ham and garlic sauce (that’s the catch, this was not a regular mayo sandwich), this definitely deserved a post.

Catching up with her has always been memorable. Even though we rarely meet due to our conflicting schedules, every meeting has been memorable. She is the strongest person I know right now, and its unbelievable how she is still smiling through the storm. Nevertheless, he will be truly missed as a father to her, and a friend to me.

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