Returning to Russo’s Pizzeria

There are very few restaurants I can say that deserve a second post on my blog, and I am certainly happy to have found the first. Russo’s New York Pizzeria truly deserves this one.

Russo’s had me dining there again, a couple of weekends ago ( that is how long this post has been pending). We were there after our lazy selves decided to make it to the nearest mall for our weekly dinners. Having the Entertainer voucher for a free main course at Russo’s gave us the additional bonus.

With an intention to try something different from our last visit, we headed inside towards the seating area. The warm staff escorted us immediately to a table with a view of the Al Wahda Stadium right behind, not exactly a view to die for, but not that bad either. Having the Entertainer voucher allowed us to choose one dish each, with one of them coming in free. I was in the mood for pasta, and although I am fussy about the amount of tomato concentration in the sauce, I went ahead with the Shrimp Tortellini as the menu mentioned light creamy tomato sauce. And trust me, this pasta was a “to die for” dish! Tortellini pasta stuffed with cheese and tossed into a light creamy tomato sauce with shrimps and a portion this generous, there was no way any one would be disappointed. Shrimps and pasta sauce, perfection all the way.

My sister chose the Chicken Pesto Pasta. She is a fan of all things Pesto, and this seemed like a good choice. Russo’s specialty hand made pizza, light and so fresh that even the leftover’s eaten the next day at home, tasted just as good as out of the oven.

Like all our Italian meals, we had to end this one with a Tiramisu which was heavenly. Considering the standard of Russo’s serving portions, this one had to be taken home. In my experience of trying and testing Tiramisu(s) all over the city, this one just moved to numero uno!

Tiramisu at Russo's

Tiramisu at Russo’s

The ambiance of Russo’s, the attentive staff and personal pictures of the creator himself, add on to the overall great experience of this quaint and charming pizzeria. Will be definitely returning to Russo’s with a greater appetite.

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