Choux-per Easy way to Choux Pastry!

Ok.. not really sure what is with my post titles these days, but I am definitely super excited about my next blog post. Since the last week I have been enjoying my short break at home before I begin my new job, this transition phase was much needed and I wish it would last for at least a month. Meanwhile, baking ideas seem to be shooting off my head at any time of the day randomly, while working out or a casual talk with family or a gossip session with mom 😉

The idea of trying my hand with choux pastry also came off randomly at 3 am while having a casual girl talk with my cousin who happened to be visiting for the summer break. Essentially used for Profiteroles and french eclairs, choux pastry is another marvel that can be enjoyed both for sweet and savoury dishes. Mostly loaded with creams,custards and fillings of all favourites, these light airy and puffy pastries and seriously super easy to prepare. Since I happen to have a family that does not enjoy anything “too – sweet” or “too – creamy ” or just “too – fussy” , I kept the choux pastry simple and light, after all some of us are trying to keep it light on the calories too. We thoroughly enjoyed these dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with toasted almond flakes which was my favorite and definitely would make more of these.

Fill these with chocolate or a custard filling of your choice or you can even enjoy these with a savoury filling of your choice, like chicken or tuna.

Ready in no time and super easy to make, here is the recipe I tried :

40 gms butter
80 ml water
50 gms all purpose flour, sifted
2 eggs

This recipe has only one tricky point, and that is the addition of the flour. Since this step needs to be done in a swift ” one quick go”, it is advisable to keep the flour ready first. Sift flour and place on a paper or plate and keep aside. Also keep in mind that this recipe requires a well pre heated oven, so also ensure this before you begin preparations.

Take a saucepan and add water and butter to it and stir using a wooden spoon. Bring mixture to a boil. As soon the the mixture reaches boiling point, turn off the heat.

At this stage, add flour to the saucepan mixture in one go and stir immediately to avoid the mixture turning into lumps. Keep stirring till mixture is smooth and runny. Keep mixture in the saucepan aside on a cool surface and let it cool for a couple of minutes.

Once cool, beat eggs in a separate bowl and add it to the saucepan batter. Keep stirring using the wooden spoon, the batter should be smooth and flowy but not too much. Ensure that the batter should be able to stand on its own when you place it on a baking sheet.

On a baking tray lined with baking paper drop about 1 or 1 1/2 tablespoon of the batter to make one round choux pastry. I best like it this way since the piping bag and me are not “friendly” yet. You can also pipe out the mixture to form long eclairs!

Ensure to keep enough space to allow the choux pastry to bake. Place baking tray in the pre heated oven at 180 degree C and allow it to rise and puff up which should take around 15-20 minutes. Keep baking till golden brown.

Remove from oven and allow the steam to escape. Once cool, stuff with your favorite filling or if you like it simple, dip in chocolate and nuts.

Hope you enjoy this one! Until my next post Happy Baking and Have a choux – per Weekend 😀


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