Christmas Special – Rum Chocolate Truffles


Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at home!

Bring on the festive season sweet making at home with these incredibly easy Rum Chocolate Truffles (skip Rum for a non alcoholic version). A complete fuss free and fail proof recipe formulated by my soon to be married sister, these truffles can get you in the festive mood in no time and can be made by just anyone.

All you need is: 

150 gms sponge cake crumbs (any favorite sponge cake of your choice )
125 gms melted cooking chocolate
2 tbsps rum

1. In a large bowl, mix together all ingredients, if you wish to prepare this without the rum, it can be skipped.

2. Form small truffle sized balls and decorate in any preferred topping or just roll in icing sugar if you like.

Greetings of the festive season everyone! 

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