Cupcake March : Quick Chocolate Ganache And Praline Crunch


So here’s the shortcut to heaven.

Chocolate heaven.

Ganache has always fascinated me ever since I spent my initial days in the kitchen as a child watching and learning just the numerous ways of working magic with food. But chocolate has always been my sister’s speciality. She’s been a chocolate lover all her life and her chocolate cakes with a variety of chocolate based frostings and toppings have been a family favourite regardless of the calories for years. We have devoured her cakes for years and now as she prepares to marry, I’ve been trying to soak in all the information I can on working with chocolate cause her cakes are definitely going to be dearly missed after she leaves. On this note, here’s my next post on Chocolate Ganache Frosting. (And of course, how could I end this month with no Chocolate Frosting! )
Here’s a quick fix recipe for chocolate ganache and my own twist of praline crunch which is just perfect if you are a fan of nutty crunch flavours.

To prepare the ganache,

Using a double boiler method, melt 190 gms of dark chocolate over low heat. Turn of heat and stir in 225 ml of double cream and mix well. To this add 2 tbsps of icing sugar and keep aside to cool.

To prepare the praline crunch,

In a non stick sauce pan, caramalize 8 tbsps of caster sugar. Finely chop 10-12 almonds into tiny bits and add this to the caramelizing sugar. Ensure this is done on low flame. Once the sugar has completely caramalized and melted, turn off heat and immediately spread the mixture onto baking paper or any non sticking kitchen paper. Let cool and allow it to solidify. Once solid, break off pieces and use as decoration or in order to make crumbs, place pieces of praline into a freezer bag and break into crumbs using a rolling pin. Immediately place crumbs onto your dessert before it turns too sticky due to exposure to air.

Pipe ganache or spread ganache onto your favourite desserts and cakes and add this delicious twist of praline crunch. Oh yes, I got to warn you…Do mind your teeth with the praline.

As March ends soon, I will be back with my final cupcake post. Until then, Happy Baking ! Do refer to my earlier posts for the recipe of the vanilla cupcake that has been used in the picture above.

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7 thoughts on “Cupcake March : Quick Chocolate Ganache And Praline Crunch

  1. Making me hungry!
    Check out my healthy but super tasty recipes if you want – I make stuff with rare ingredients or mixed international ingredients but keeping an eye on health and calories 🙂
    Also on Instagram: @ariaverr
    Hope to see you on my blog, ciao!

    • Not yet but definitely on my mind now that you mentioned it! Would love to work with Ferrero Rocher in a recipe as they are my favourite. Would love to see your ideas too! (Watch this space ) 😀

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