Jane’s Homemade No churn Chocolate Ice Cream


One of the best things about the virtual blogging world is our ability to share, inspire and most importantly be inspired by those who share the same passions as us. 

Today’s post is just about that and in my opinion I think it’s about time that I did mention the people behind motivating me to be the baking blogger I am. In my very first post I had mentioned my ex (and now very good friend, proudly) as the inspiration behind the new me and in a very broad perspective one of the biggest supporters of my recently found food passion. Yes, recently found. I loved food but he encouraged me to get involved more. From ideas to cooking great food,budget meals, to makeshift kitchen gadgets and to on the spot recipe innovations he still stands today as one of my biggest motivators and friendly critics behind every recipe post.  In so many good ways to be honest he was a major turning point. 

Support at home can make anything possible and hence today, 600+ followers strong and with a long way to go towards achieving a dream in the food line I definitely want to thank my family which I should have probably done a long time back. My parents who stand behind me bearing my every whim and fancy about food and baking. My mother who bears up with a messy kitchen after I’m done baking and the mess and awkward things that happen during a photo shoot and my dad who makes it a point to look out for the latest baking accessories, recipes and gadgets wherever he is. Thank you. .(And that makes two readers :)) 

And family also includes my newly married sister without whom the very discovery of WordPress and the great pictures wouldn’t have been possible. Sister, second mother, spiritual guide, bff, mentor and another follower of my blog… From encouraging words, to support in the kitchen and eating my dessert trials, you have stood by me and now gifted me the new phone to make my blogging easier!😁 Thank you! Love you to bits 😘. These are the people behind the great writing (or so I’m told , that I do write great :))  and my support system behind every thing I do. Blogging here wouldn’t have been this fun. 

And now coming to the inspiration of this post’s recipe is the lovely Ms. Jane of http://www.janespatisserie.com . I had the good luck of passing her page by accident on Instagram and I just had to give a shot at her recipes and I’m definitely not stopping with just this one. Her simple recipes and the delightful pictures of the same will give you cravings in no time I can bet, but what is inspiring is that she is just 22 (yes I’m older and wishing I could be halfway as talented as she is 🙂 ) and how the simplest of ingredients can be brought together into a dessert that will have people talking about it for a long time. Do follow her website and Instagram account @janespatisserie, trust me you will have no reason to leave. 

Summer is at its peak here in the UAE and I’m giving a go at desserts that no summer can do without. Jane’s home made and no churn ice cream recipes will only leave you asking for more. I came across a recipe on her page of personally one of my favourite combinations of chocolate flavoured ice cream with crushed Oreos. Made with just five ingredients this fail proof recipe is easily adjustable to suit your every craving. I replaced the Oreos with a pack of Maltesers and it tasted just as great. 

No ice cream machines at home are now an excuse of the past. Here’s the easiest recipe I’ve ever seen to the most delightful ice cream eaten. 


2 tbsp chocolate spread, I used Nutella 

1 pack of Oreos, chopped into tiny bits, or any filling of your choice

1 tin (397 grams) of condensed milk

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence

400 ml double cream

In a large bowl, mix together chocolate spread, crushed Oreos (or any combination of ingredients of your choice), vanilla essence and condensed milk so it is thoroughly combined. 

In a separate bowl whip the double cream up to soft peaks until it holds itself. 

Carefully fold the cream into the other ingredients in the bowl making the mixture colour lighter and fluffier from the cream. Avoid beating too much of the air out as the whipped cream will help give it an irresistible texture. 

Pour into a freezer proof container or loaf tin and cover with clingfilm. Freeze for at least 6-8 hours or overnight. 

Enjoy this dessert with family and loved ones and definitely do check Ms. Jane’s  website  http://www.janespatisserie.com and follow her  on Instagram for more simple sinfully delicious desserts that keep getting better day by day. 

Lastly, Thank you Jane for sharing this recipe and letting me repost it here. You are such a huge inspiration! I’m definitely going to try out more in the coming weeks. 

Lastly like always, a big thank you to all my followers and blogging friends for being the very reason I come back here over and over again. 

Much love and have a great week ahead! 

19 thoughts on “Jane’s Homemade No churn Chocolate Ice Cream

  1. These are so perfect for kiddos! If you’re interested, I’d love for you to share a post at the blogger link up I host on Tuesdays. All you need is a URL to share, and it’s a great way to network! I wrote a quick explanation on my main menu under ‘Tell em Tuesdays’ if you want some more information 🙂

  2. I am in love with this post, not just because of the yummy recipe but also for the beautiful words and the warm feelings you have written about the ones who inspired you and gave you the strength to be a successful food blogger ❤ it is not easy to find such positive people around you, giving you the needed support to keep going and encouraging you to do what you love.
    God bless you and your beloved ones 😊

    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It’s true, I’ve been lucky to find support and encouragement, most importantly positive people. Thank you for the kind words, it really encourages me to go further with my passion of baking. I truly appreciate it. 🙂

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