Flashback Friday :Creme Caramel


Flashback Friday couldn’t be more meaningful with a dessert that revives old childhood memories and if any one had to ask me about the most memorable desserts of my childhood then Creme Caramel would definitely take top spot. Simple pudding of milk and sugar collaborated with the richness of egg yolks and vanilla extract make this dessert a family favourite of all time.

I’m back with my next post and although I admit it’s nothing new to the baking world, it’s definitely a classic we cannot get over. Just in case if you’ve been waiting for an excuse to revive those memories, here’s my tried and tested recipe :

170 grams castor sugar
500 ml Full fat milk
100 grams white sugar
3 full eggs
2 egg yolks
1 teaspoon vanilla essence or extract
Slices of freshly cut orange for decorating

Preheat oven to 180℃.

Take a non stick pan to prepare sugar caramel sauce. Over medium heat, melt sugar after placing on the pan. Wait until edges of the pan begin to heat up and the sugar turns brown. Once the sugar begins browning on the edges, gently swirl the pan to ensure even browning. Do not stir. Once all the sugar granules have melted, continue swirling until evenly brown and dark enough. Immediately turn off heat, and pour hot caramel into custard bowls (ramekins) or baking dish of your choice. Do not wait as the caramel will solidify and pouring it out will be impossible.

In a mixing bowl, mix together eggs, yolks, vanilla extract and sugar. Stir until well combined.

In a non stick saucepan bring milk to simmering point on medium heat. Once milk begins to simmer, pour egg and sugar mixture and whisk lightly until well combined. 

Pour milk mixture into ramekins or baking dish over the caramel sauce that was set earlier. Place ramekins or baking dish onto a baking tray with water in the bottom that covers up to 1/4 of the baking tray’s depth. Place baking tray and pudding inside oven to bake.

Reduce heat to 170℃  and bake for 25-30 mins or until the pudding is set and not wobbly. Place back into the oven if you feel the pudding wobbly as it may be uncooked inside. Time variation may occur depending upon the depth of the pudding and the heat. Hence the only way to know would be to check the wobbliness of the pudding.


Once ready, take out from the oven and let cool. Let the pudding remain in the baking dish and place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours or overnight for it to set further. The caramel sauce will also set in.

Once ready to serve, over turn pudding onto plates gently and place freshly cut orange slices for a subtle citric flavour which according to me goes best with creme caramel.

Whether family gatherings or friendly visits, Creme Caramel is perfect for every occasion. Or simply satisfy your inner child cravings with this recipe. Hope you have had a lovely week. Here’s to a better weekend with baking !

Until my next post, much love and Happy Baking!

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